Interview: Infinity On Hannah

Infinity On Hannah is a music YouTuber and reviewer. She currently has 23,000 subscribers on YouTube. She makes videos from Track Reviews to Vinyl Collections to Concert Diaries. Her content is brilliant and influences my decisions to check out bands or not. In fact, she was the reason I started listening to Twenty One Pilots, now one of my favourite bands. Please check out her content, but first, read the interview I did earlier this week.

When did you start to listen to albums seriously?

Probably some time in high school is when I actually paid attention to lyrics and details. Maybe my freshman year? But from a critical standpoint, I feel like I’m progressively getting better at that especially within the last 2 years because of my YouTube channel that I started in 2014.

Everyone has a different one, but what’s your favourite Beatles album? Mine’s Revolver.

I love Revolver, but I think right now my favorite is Rubber Soul. But it honestly changes a lot for me because I love so much of their music. It used to be the White Album for a long time.

What’s your opinion on the new Lorde album?

I’ve only heard some of it, but I’m not huge into her to be honest.

Which 7 people you have in your supergroup if you could have anyone?

Dang 7 is a big number but let’s see: Brendon Urie, Matty Healy, Harry Styles, Josh Dun, Billie Joe Armstrong, Noel Gallagher, Patrick Stump (a lot of these are some of my favorite front men so I guess it would be more of a singing group lol with Josh on drums).

Arcade Fire, The National or neither? 


What was in your parents’ CD and vinyl collection that you remember?

I remember seeing my dad’s vinyl copy of “Crosby, Stills & Nash” sitting on his dresser years ago, and I really love that band today. He’s also a huge Grateful Dead fan. My mom always had the Eagles, Neil Young and James Taylor CDs and vinyl too.

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Thanks to Infinity On Hannah for the interview and let me know who you would like to see interviewed next!

My Twitter is @thepregap and I have an Instagram now! It’s on @thepregap too.

See you next week for reviews of Floating Points, Calvin Harris and an interview with a band!

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