Review: HAIM – Little Of Your Love

Californian sisters Danielle, Este and Alana of the band HAIM are releasing singles at the moment, with ‘Want You Back’ a few weeks ago and now their new song, previously heard on Saturday Night Live, ‘Little Of Your Love’. Today I will talk about this track and review it.

Firstly, I thought HAIM’s debut, ‘Days Are Gone’, was brilliant. My favourite track was, like others, ‘The Wire’, which is on my main playlist to this day. That song is so refreshing and a proper earworm, and this is where this one fails. It sounds like HAIM are now playing to a different audience from the soft rock, debut audience. This song sounds joyous, but is incredibly forgettable. I listened to this on Annie Mac’s Hottest Record, and then before writing this, I had to refresh myself on what the song actually sounded like. It no longer sounds Fleetwood Mac-esc, but now just another disposable chart song which will be forgotten in the months after.

To me, this lowers the expectation of the new HAIM album, ‘Something To Tell You’. If it all sounds like this, then I don’t want to know. The only merit I can think about is the very good guitar solo towards the end, which is brilliant.

In conclusion, the song sounds very mediocre and one of HAIM’s worst. I really hope the sophomore album is an antidote to this, because this is poor, HAIM.

3/10 for mediocre lyrics, an annoying distortion voice which is particularly unnecessary and to partly redeem it, a fantastic guitar solo.

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Thanks for reading, and I will see you on the next track!

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