Review: Queens Of The Stone Age – The Way You Used To Do

American hard rock band Queens of The Stone Age released the first single off the new album, ‘Villians’, released on 25th August. The single was unveiled on Thursday along with the album title, release and tour dates. QOTSA have not released since 2013’s ‘…Like Clockwork’. Their most famous release was their critically acclaimed ‘Songs For The Deaf’, featuring anthem ‘No One Knows’.

First of all, if you like Queens Of The Stone Age, this is more of the same. It sounds like the Queens you know and love, with no change in direction for the band. In a way, that’s good, if you like all the band’s albums and generally the sound. In another way, I wanted to hear something different, like on ‘…Like Clockwork’ where they verged towards a different sound for a couple of tracks on the album. That was really interesting, but this isn’t promising on the innovation front.

It has loud, rocking guitars, strong but somewhat disappointing drum beats and Josh Homme’s always delivering vocals. Homme has a timeless voice, and one of the best voices in modern rock. It’s particularly great when all the instruments go silent for a second and it’s just his voice, which is spine-chilling.

The problem is that it doesn’t go anywhere, it just drags on without any climax which was expected. It’s kind of a shame that it didn’t go anywhere, as it would have been interesting to see what the music did instead of the same 4 minute by the numbers modern rock song.

I believe that the band are going for a Mexican aesthetic to this album, as the cover suggests something of the Mexican culture, or maybe I’m just delusional. I like the idea of, but this doesn’t convey in this single, at all. Maybe they could’ve chosen a different song for the first single, as I would have no clue of the aesthetic if I didn’t look at the art and made an assumption.

Overall, more of the same. That’s all there is to it.

5/10 for being Queens Of The Stone Age but not an innovative Queens Of The Stone Age.

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