Review: Skepta – Hypocrisy

Our favourite North London MC Joseph Adenuga, better known by his stage name Skepta, released a new single last Friday. This is a second single this year, with no sign of a 5th album coming out soon. Today I will review the track.

First of all, Skepta is a great artist and rapper and has perfected his craft. This song does not demonstrate his talent as much as the previous single, ‘No Security’, and Mercury Prize winning album ‘Konnichiwa’. The main line, ‘Every day I’m shitting and pissing on this hypocrisy’. This doesn’t connect to me on a political level and not on a musical level either. It didn’t seem strong like previous songs.

I’m not the biggest fan of grime. I enjoyed Stormzy’s ‘Gang Signs and Prayer’ and Skepta’s ‘Konnichiwa’, along with female MC’s stuff such as Lady Leshurr’s Queen’s Speech. This doesn’t compete with the innovation of the aforementioned rapper’s material. The beat isn’t very innovative and the lyrics are not wired for earworms.

Having said that, the lyrics are very eruditely put together to make a good statement. This is something that Skepta usually pulls off well, writing good words and making the listener know what his point is, or maybe there isn’t a point in some tracks.

Overall, the lyrics are great but it doesn’t work for me on a whole. If you want to get into Skepta, I suggest listening to Konnichiwa and if you’re in the UK, watch the Boy Better Know performance at Glastonbury 2017, which is full of energy and a very entertaining watch.

5/10 for good lyrical content but not much else.

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