Review: Wolf Alice – Don’t Delete The Kisses

London indie outfit Wolf Alice released another track today, this time on Beats 1 Radio. This is the second single to their new album, ‘Visions Of A Life’, available to pre-order now on the Dirty Hit website (their record label). Today, I will review the new track and give my thoughts on it.

First of all, this is a way that this band has never gone before. The debut, ‘My Love Is Cool’, was a mixture of relaxing folk, rock and startling and angry grunge, and it worked really well together. This sounds much more like a pop song, which sounds great, even though I was not expecting anything like what the product was. The first single, ‘Yuk Foo’, which I reviewed too, was ferocious and made of pure anger. The clean version sounded like Wolf Alice ft. The Mute Button. My point is that it cannot be any more contrasting.

There are long sections of this song where lead vocalist Ellie Rowsell half sings the words but it’s more of a tuneful speech. The lyrics are about a relationship, which is very cliched to me. Still, I like the idea of these sections and I happily listen to them. The chorus has a synthpop feel to it. It’s like Martin from CHVRCHES decided to turn up in the studio and do his thing.

Overall, this song is completely unexpected from the band and they pull it off quite well. It sounds like a Charli XCX song in the chorus (which isn’t a bad thing), though it allows the band to break the boundaries of their sound and do something completely different. This shows that Wolf Alice are one of the innovators of British music in this day. Well done to them, I cannot wait to hear the album. What’s next, Reggae?

7/10 for being a new venture and a good new venture.

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