Spotlight: Lyerr

Lyerr are a four-piece indie outfit from Manchester, UK. They combine infectious guitar riffs with great and meaningful lyrics. They recently released their debut EP, In Principio, which is a great piece of work. I will review it later, but first, read the interview I did with them earlier this week.

Where do you want to be in ten years time?

We’re hoping to be retired by a beach somewhere waiting to reunite for our 10 year anniversary EP tour.

Which bands and artists influence your music?

Collectively we’ve all been into bands such as The Amazons recently and they’ve probably been helping to inspire our sound. We were also lucky enough to play with a band called The Lapelles and their album is brilliant and has inspired us too. Individually our inspirations vary from different bands. Ryan has recently been into Arcade Fire and Foo Fighters, Sam has been listening to a lot of Catfish And The Bottlemen & Blossoms, Rory has been into stuff like LCD Soundsystem and Primal Scream, and James has been digging Thin Lizzy and Milburn.

Which is your favourite track off the In Principio EP?

I think our favourites overall vary day to day, but the most common pick would be The Doctors Orders which is the first track on the EP.

You’re from Manchester, who are your favourite Manchester bands?

It’s hard to ignore the influence of bands like Oasis and The Stone Roses when you’re growing up in Manchester, but we’ve also grown up liking stuff such as Twisted Wheel, The Fall, New Order, The Smiths and then artists like Findlay too. We could go on all day…

Arcade Fire, The National or neither?

Again our opinions on this all vary. Some of the band think both of these bands, some think neither and some are saying Arcade Fire. But if anyone has any Castlefield Bowl Arcade Fire tickets going hit us up…

After In Principio, what’s next for Lyerr?

We’re hoping to just get gigging more really and start making a name for ourselves now that our debut EP is out. We’re hoping to do a big Manchester show after summer, maybe somewhere like Sound Control if we can before it sadly closes. We’re constantly writing new music though and we will be looking to release another EP later this year.

 Thanks to Lyerr for the interview. Now I will review the debut E.P from Lyerr, In Principio.
The E.P features 4 tracks, ‘The Doctors Orders’, ‘Belladonna’, ‘Will You Be Alright?’ and ‘On The Run’. I will run through them one by one.
The opening track, ‘The Doctors Orders’, is brilliant. It has a distinct riff which is extremely catchy. The drums are good, which aid the guitars very well on this track particularly. The vocals from Ryan Johnson are concerned in this song and very good, both in a lyrical way and a tuneful way. He can sing very well. It reminds me of Liam Fray from Courteeners, another Manchester band.
The second track is called ‘Belladonna’. The song is about a girl, which the lyrics on this stands out to me, the band have the ability to tell a story, which draws on Noel Gallagher’s songs in both Oasis and High Flying Birds, but also Tom Ogden from Blossoms. The vocals obviously show annoyance, which is completely justified. This song is more lyric orientated, which they pull off very well.
The third song, ‘Will You Be Alright?’, has a different sound to it. The track has a good balance between lyrics and instruments, and it also features distinct backing vocals. The riff is put in place in the first 5 seconds and is used throughout the verses, which is very very good. Johnson, in this song, is talking about an irresponsible person which he thinks is not going to be fine if he is not present, hence the title of the song.
As soon as I hear the title ‘On The Run’, I think Pink Floyd. I don’t know what I was expecting, but it’s not a cover of Pink Floyd’s On The Run. This ‘On The Run’ track sounds fine but lags behind the other tracks. It sounds more generic and less unique than the others. I’m not as engaged in the music as on the other tracks, and it goes on a bit too long. That being said, the instrumental is well played and good to listen to.
Overall, this is a great debut E.P, with three great tracks and one average one. I look forward to seeing what this band do next because they will go a long way at this level of good music. Well done lads!

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Thanks for reading, and I will see you on the next post.


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