Hi there. My name is Alex, and I am a music enthusiast from the south of England. I am writing this blog for enjoyment, and the fact that I get to exchange emails with some of the best artists on the planet is a bit of a bonus.

This is my third time around, this blog. First I had Distant Past, which I didn’t write very well and didn’t promote very well. I wasn’t ambitious with my band interviews, either. Then I had Delta Reviews, which went well, but I disliked the name after a month of using it. This is when I made The Pregap.

The pregap is the information in a CD before the album starts. Some artists, like Arcade Fire, Public Enemy and Super Furry Animals decide to hide tracks in that information, accessible on only a CD player. I find this really cool and a good name for a website focused on music and critique of music.

I really hope you enjoy reading this blog as much as I do making it. Maybe one day it will get big, I don’t know. All I know is that you’re interested enough to read all the way to the bottom.

Alex, Editor, Writer and Title Assigner of The Pregap